Graham Rose

Graham lives in the UK and enjoys writing (mostly RPGs), as well as playing board games. Graham has had an array of roles within law enforcement, and has worked on enquiries as diverse as human trafficking, international organised crime and cold case homicides.

Graham has been lucky enough to travel widely, a pursuit he enjoys with his wife, Dr Nicola Rose. He is a vegan who practises yoga and mindfulness meditation.


Suspicious character in Iceland...
Suspicious character in Iceland…








4 thoughts on “Graham Rose

  1. Graham,
    Really enjoying teaching myself Paleomythic down here in Okinawa, Japan.
    Do you happen to be involved in or running any games of Paleomythic yourself these days?
    Also, since initial publication, has the book been followed by any supplemental material? If not any plans? Just curious.
    Again really having a good time with the material. Elegant rules and beautiful layout.
    Hope to see more of this world in the future!

  2. Very pleased to hear you like Paleomythic Robert. Have a look at the Paleomythic Idea exchange on Facebook for more material, including files for additional rules and scenarios

  3. Hey Graham, going to be running Paleomythic for some friends very soon! I was wondering if there are any mechanics for leaving an enemy’s reach? ie Opportunity Attack? I’m struggling to find anything mentioning it in the book, but may have missed it!

  4. This is covered in the escape rules of combat; a successful agile test is needed to exit melee. A failure means the character must either remain in the melee, or can opt to leave anyway, but the foe then gets an extra attack on them

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